Dental Insurance
About This Project

With a Dental Insurance plan from Guardian, employees have access to Guardian’s DentalGuard Preferred Network – now one of the largest and strongest in the nation. With more than 94,000 dentists in more than 229,000 locations nationwide, they are virtually guaranteed to find a choice of pre-screened, in-network dentists within minutes of their homes or workplaces.

But choice of providers is just one reason to go with Guardian. They’ll also enjoy discounts averaging 32% off regular rates; Maximum Rollover, which lets them roll over a portion of their unused benefits for future use; Preventive Advantage, which can make it easier for them to access today’s valuable preventive services, up to and including periodontal maintenance; and a range of time-saving special features like the ability to locate an in-network provider via smart phone.

In addition, employer groups with 50 and less employees can be assured that Guardian has them covered with flexible plan designs compliant with new Affordable Care Act requirements. And for those groups purchasing benefits on the exchanges, Guardian dental is sold on 48 small business exchanges.

No matter what, a Guardian Dental Insurance plan provides sweeping coverage for the full range of dental services – from routine checkups, x-rays, cleanings and fillings to dental implants, oral cancer screenings including Vizilite Plus, adult fluoride treatments and more. Employees will even enjoy generous discounts on increasingly-popular Xylitol products from Epic Dental.